• Moisture will be drawn from your hands.
  • Your hands will become temporarily Sticky.
  • Your hands will become dry and stay dry.
  • Topical hand cream, keeps hands from sweating for 4-6 hours..
  • No sticky residue. Can be used while wearing a glove for the ultimate non-slip grip..
  • A great way to keep your hands dry in humid conditions..
  • Leaves no chalky residue..
  • Can be used anytime or situation dry hands are needed..
  • Imported from USA.
Tite Grip II by Active Solutions is perfect for any sport that requires a firm grip, including baseball, golf, tennis, weight lifting, rock climbing, and gymnastics. You can even apply it to your hands and feet to keep them drier and warmer when skiing. Tite Grip II has become one of the leading grip aids in Pole Fitness. Apply a small amount to your hands, rub it in, allow it to dry quickly and you will be sweat free for 4-6 hours. Apply to forehead to prevent sweat from running into eyes. Tite Grip II goes on cleanly, dries instantly and leaves no residue behind. Don't just get a better grip, get a Tite Grip today. .com ---- Keep your hands from perspiring while playing golf or other outdoor sports with the ProActive Tite-Grip antiperspirant hand lotion. The non-sticky topical hand cream goes on clear and will not stain, keeping your hand comfortable even when worn under a sports glove. Each application of the Tite-Grip lotion lasts between four and six hours.

Tite Grip II All-Sport Topical Antiperspirant Hand Lotion/Non-Slip Grip Enhancement