• Silicone prosthesis – a solution for protruding ears.
  • Discrete correctors for prominent ears.
  • Corrects the excessive prominence of your child’s ears.
  • Pain free and cost-effective alternative to corrective surgery.
  • Instant and easy to achieve results that last up to 7 days.
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  • Imported from UK.
Invisible and comfortable ear correctors to pin back your protruding ears without the need for surgery Roughly 1 in 20 of us worry that our ears stick out too far. Having prominent ears can cause you to be self-conscious and lack confidence, both will have a knock-on effect on all other aspects of your life. Don't you wish that your parents could have done something when you were a child to save you from the teasing and nasty names at school. Surgery is on option to address protruding ears but it is painful, risky and extremely expensive but now there is a pain-free, safe and cost-effective solution instead, Otostick ear correctors. Otostick has now created ear correctors for babies and children. Discreet and painless, no one will ever know your child is wearing them.

Otostick Baby Cosmetic Ear Correctors