• 3 hot neon and holo-glitter, UV reactive nail polishes.
  • 3 pots of UV reactive nail toppings in 3 different finishes.
  • Glowing UV black light reaction.
  • Matte, glitter, and metallic shades included.
  • One direction signature packaging.
  • Imported from USA.
Rock Me Nail Varnish: A UV reactive, nail art collection for rockin' style on or off the stage. Includes a nail polish trio of hot neons and holo-glitter colors; and 3 additional pots of Nail Toppers in 3 different finishes for that sizzling "Electro Glam" that every rocker needs. All have UV black light reaction. Get creative mixing and matching colors for your own unique look. Nail kit comes boxed in One Direction signature packaging.

Make Up by One Direction Rock Me Nail with Varnish Nail Toppings, Multi, 6 Count