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  • Quick Tool change capabilities.
  • Allows you to rotate the tool in six different positions.
  • Compact design eliminates excess reciprocating mass.
  • Tested and proven tough & durable.
  • Engineered and tested in the USA.
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  • Imported from USA.
Multi-tool adapter, fits all name brand reciprocating saws, double tang design allows user to apply pressure up & down & in circular motion, The 1/4" Hex gives you the ability to lock the tool in different positions, adapter is needed to use other Reciprocal tools. From the Manufacturer --------------------- The reciprotools adapter fits all name brand reciprocating saws, chuck it in like a blade and choose a tool of your choice. This adapters unique double tang design allows the user to rotate tool in the adapter without removing the adapter from the saw, while also allowing pressure to be applied up, down, and in a circular motion. The Adapter's 1/4-Inch hex design gives you the option to turn the tool in six different configurations and still hold the saw the way it was designed to be held. The Adapter makes using different tools possible with quick changeability. Adapter dimensions 4.75-Inch by roughly .75-Inch.

Reciprotools RCT-A10 Reciprocating Saw Adapter