• ✔ SUPERFOOD - Wildcrafted Irish SeaMoss. Vegan. Raw. Organic. GlutenFree. Non GMO. Essential Minerals.
  • ✔ MARINE PROTECTED AREA - Harvested in Government Regulated Ocean. Pristine Tropical Clean Waters..
  • ✔ IMMUNE BOOST - Increased Energy. Anti Inflammation. Detox. Digestive Support. Eliminates Mucus..
  • ✔ MULTI USE - Mix Sea Moss Gel Into Tea, Shake, Deserts. Use as Hair Skin Conditioner for Hydration.
  • ✔ GUARANTEE - If you are unhappy with your sea moss, contact our support page to request a refund.
  • Imported from USA.
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MegaPlants Simply Sea Moss | 16 Oz | All Natural | Wildcrafted | Non GMO No Preservatives | Marine Protected Area | Clean Nutritious Irish SeaMoss | Organic