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  • PROTECT YOUR LASHES | What topcoat nail polish does for a manicure that’s what BL Black Diamond eyelash extension sealer does for lash extensions. Black Diamond lash sealant forms a barrier around your delicate eyelash extensions, protecting them from oil, water, and sweat. This sealing effect helps create maximum retention.
  • EYELASH GROWTH | BL Black Diamond eyelash coating sealant works as an easy eyelash growth serum as well. It is enriched with essential B vitamins (panthenol and biotin) and essential acids (sodium hyaluronate and allantoin), as well as six natural extracts that have been proven to activate hair growth.
  • LASH EXTENSION AFTERCARE | Unlike other cosmetic products, a BL lash sealant is a water-soluble, oil-free, functional lash extension aftercare product that prolongs the retention of lash extensions.
  • PROFESSIONAL’S CHOICE | BL lashes, formally known as Blink Lash, makes an iconic lash aftercare kit for eyelash extensions. BL Lash coating sealer can be found in the eyelash extension kit of most reputable lash studios in over 70 countries.
  • SAFE & TESTED INGREDIENTS | Our premium eyelash extension supplies are produced in an ISO-approved facility using the highest quality ingredients that have been salon-tested all over the world. If for any reason we fall short of your expectations, simply contact us, and we will solve your problem.
  • Imported from USA.
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Black Diamond eyelash coating sealant | Protective topcoat for long-lasting eyelash extensions | by BL Lashes / Blink Lash | Black, 7ml