• INTENSIVE OIL COLOUR: The finely ground, rich and bright colours of our oil paints offer a bright and permanent finish that will last over the years without ever tarnishing. This titanium white can be used alone or with other colours to create pink, grey and pastels. Light fastness: excellent resistance / Opaque colour..
  • QUALITY FINE OIL PAINT: Let your imagination run wild with this tube of oil paint that can be used on all surfaces. For creation of oil on canvas, painting on wood, on metal or in large pictorial spaces, release all your creative potential. Pebeo Fine XL oil offers an excellent price-quality ratio and it is the perfect product to practice oil techniques with..
  • WORKING WITH FINE OIL: Pebeo fine oil paint lends itself to all techniques, from glazing to working in thick layers and can be used in conjunction with a Pébéo oil medium or auxiliary..
  • QUICK DRYING PAINT: Ideal for working with the material, this tube of oil paint dries quickly on the surface and allows overcoating after only 3 days. It is recommended to allow 6 to 9 months of drying before varnishing the work..
  • THE BRAND OF THE GREAT: Oil painting was invented by Flemish painters in the 15th century and have come to be part of Pebeo's 'historical' products. Since 1930, Pebeo has been making its history for and through artists..
  • Imported from USA.
Great masters painting for everyone Whether you are an amateur or a professional, an art student or a curious novice, unleash your creative potential with the oil paint from the Huile Fine Studio XL range. Very easy to handle and applicable on all surfaces, add the colour Titanium White to your palette and create a thousand and one new shades. Pébéo's know-how Invented by Flemish painters in the 15th century, oil painting has earned its nobility under the brush of the greatest masters. Long reserved for artists, who made it themselves, oil colours are part of Pébéo's historical products. Since 1930, Pébéo has been writing its history for and through artists. Through research and innovation, Pébéo has been able to modernise it and retain the ever-growing number of people who love Fine Arts Oil paintings for all your creations * Oil on canvas, paint on wood, on metal or in large pictorial spaces with this fine oil painting; * Get a modern and permanent look with rich and intense colours and a range of effects; * Explore the possibilities by mixing this oil paint with the other shades of the Huile Fine Studio XL range ; * Assemble this oil paint with a Pébéo medium or oil aid to enrich your work; * This quick drying paint allows you to work on the overcoat of your works after only 3 hours of drying. Ready, fire, paint! don't wait any longer to order your 200 ml tube of fine Titanium White oil paint. Use Pébéo colours to enhance your creativity. Prepare your paint palette, choose your brush and paint!

Pébéo - Fine Oil XL 200 ML - White Oil Painting - Titanium White Oil - Pébéo Oil Painting - Titanium White 200 ml