• Come with tools kit, replace your Scratched or Cracked screen glass lens perfectly , it can be work for Samsung Galaxy S10 G9730 G973F G973U G973N G973 G973/DS..
  • OLED Glass Repair Kit replacement glass only for S10 is Glass, does Not Include OLED Digitizer..
  • Samsung Galaxy S10 glass screen replacement kit,This is full set with all tools that you need to repair the front glass.
  • Professional pre cut glass replacement for an Accurate, the replacement screen is made from Very High Quality Tempered Glass, easy and fast repair..
  • Recommend repair technician to install the screen, can't be installed by Inexperienced guy,Can't accept the return screen which installation attempt has been made .Not included installation instruction, Not Recommend to install it without any experience..
  • Imported from USA.
HIGH QUALITY REPLACEMENT SCREEN (GLASS ONLY - DOES NOT INCLUDE OLED) The replacement screen included in this kit is made from very high quality glass that, if installed correctly, will have exactly the same functionality as before. The Metalic Wire Included in this kit will allow you to gently and safely remove the glass from your OLED without picking and prying. This removal method is favored by professional technicians. COMPATIBLE with Samsung Galaxy S10 G9730 G973F G973U G973N G973 G973/DS Series! THIS IS AN EXTREMELY TECHNICAL PROCEDURE - PLEASE FAMILARIZE YOURSELF WITH THE PROCESS BEFORE ATTEMPTING IT YOURSELF: We cannot accept any responsibility for any damage incurred during the replacement process. ADDITIONAL TOOLS NEEDED FOR REPAIR - HAIRDRYER / HEAT GUN AND PACKING TAPE It is recommended that you use packing / scotch tape to help you remove the broken screen to prevent small pieces falling on to the digitizer. It is also necessary to ensure you have a hair dryer or heat gun to use during the process in order to melt the glue holding the broken screen to the phone body. The Toolkit and adhesive tape included in this kit can be used for multiple replacements and repairs on many different devices. The procedure of removing your cracked glass from your OLED is favored by professionals, please make sure you are able to do this job before replacing your glass. Compatible: G9730 G973F G973U G973N G973 G973D/S Package Includes: 1 x Replacement Glass Lens Cover 1 x Set Tools 1 x Tweezers

Original Galaxy S10 Screen Replacement, Front Outer Lens Glass Screen Replacement Repair Kit for Samsung Galaxy S10 G9730 Series (Galaxy S10 6.1'- Black)