• Imported from USA.
    PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Prestige ORO is a true premium gypsum bonded investment developed and perfected for the casting of gold alloys up to 22K. To achieve the very best casting surface possible, ORO incorporates specially graded refractory minerals and specialized control chemicals that are proven to out-perform all premium investments currently on the market. Prestige ORO have proven to be a truly superior investment for gold that far "SURPASS THE INDUSTRY STANDARD." PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS Highest purity, white gypsum mined from the world's best known deposits Special premium grade cristobalite imported from the U.S.A. High purity refractory grains, sized to achieve the smoothest casting surfaces possible Mixes to a rich, creamy, easy to pour consistency Reduces surface tension on wax to supply bubble free castings Complete removal of investment during water quench Controlled expansion properties that are compatible with all commonly used injection waxes Compatible with all type injection waxes Reliable consistency from batch to batch Eliminates surface defects obtained using other brands Reduces time in finishing. Saves time and money Independent tests performed by some of the world's best known casting companies, POWDER / WATER Ratio: 100 grs to 38-40 ml water WORKING TIME: 11 min.

    Premium Jewelry Making Casting Powder Lost Wax Investment Powder 5Lbs

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