• EFFECTIVE MAKEUP REMOVER WIPES FOR ALL SKIN TYPES- These fragrance free and oil free makeup remover face wipes from Allurdevine are the superhandy and effective way to shift stubborneye makeup, dirt and impurities from your skin. Dissolve waterproof mascara easily!.
  • CLEANS, HYDRATES & NOURISHES YOUR SKIN- Enriched with vitamin E and specially formulated to be gentle enough for sensitive eye areas and contact lens wearers, these all natural face wash wipes moisturize and nourish even sensitive skin, leaving it looking and feeling clean, fresh and vibrant..
  • TRUSTED BY EXPERTS- Tested by ophthalmologists and dermatologists, these soft face wipes include simple, natural ingredients that are kinder to your skin. They also act as an effective cleanserthat's gentle enough for every day use.Comes in a 60 count pack of soft, fragrance free sheets.
  • SUPER HANDY & GREAT FOR TRAVEL- These make up remover wipes are the best option for travel makeup removers,on-the-go cleansing and face refreshing in one simple step. No rinsing required! Just pop them in your purse bag or luggageso you can feel feel clean and refreshed, no matter what life throws at you..
  • 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE - We are so confident that you'll love Allurdevine facial cloths for providing you with a unique experience of freshness, brightness and shininess.
  • Imported from USA.
The Makeup Remover Wipes that Clean, Nourish & Hydrate Your Skin Makeup, dirt and impurities on your face can be stubborn to remove, especially waterproof mascara! * These makeup remover face wipes from Allurdevine are the effective and super handy way to shift impurities and stubborn waterproof makeup * Packed with vitamin E to nourish and hydrate your skin, and with a gentle formula specially designed for sensitive eye areas and contact lens wearers * Tested by ophthalmologists and dermatologists and gentle enough to act as an everyday cleanser * Perfect for travel, and so handy, you can just pop them in your purse or bag for on-the-go cleansing! Your skin will feel clean, fresh and vibrant These gentle and effective makeup remover wipes from Allurdevine include the following features: * 60 count pack of soft face wipes * Fragrance free * Oil Free * Enriched with vitamin E * Tested by experts * Effective for all skin types, even sensitive skin * Easy to use * No rinsing required 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE-We are so confident that you'll love our makeup remover wipes. Click ADD TO CART nowand experience the unique feeling of fresh, bright and shiny skin with Allurdevine!

ALLURDEVINE- Makeup Remover Face Wipes60 count - - Cleans, Hydrates & Nourishes - For All Skin Typesincl. Sensitive Skin - Best Eye Make Up Cleanser - Dissolves Waterproof Mascara - Oil Free