• Balloon on a stick the product includes - 6 sets of balloon support kits. Each set includes 11 brackets, 7 cups, 4 joints and a base. (excluding balloons).
  • Balloon Bracket Size - Base Diameter: 6.9 inches. Up to 30 inches, each balloon bracket has three different height sizes: 15.6 inches, 23.5 inches, 30 inches, matching balloons of different colors, can create the decorative effect needed in different occasions. You don't need helium, you just need air. It can be reused many times. Balloons is not included..
  • Balloon Stand Durable Material - Made of durable plastic, reusable and very economical. Balloon racks with separate cups can easily hold several balloons together. Transparent balloon sticks, cups and base make the balloon support kit more elegant. Balloons with brackets can perfectly match balloons of any color and shape..
  • Balloon Base Easy to assemble - According to instructions, the assembly takes only 3 minutes to make a beautiful balloon decoration. You can use different balloons to make your own balloon center! It can be reused many times in different situations. If you want to place it in a windy place, we recommend that you use tape at the bottom to fix it on its surface and make sure it stands steadily outdoors..
  • Balloons Holders Perfect for all occasions - they will be perfect for your birthday party, wedding decoration, baby shower decoration, home decoration, shooting background, Christmas, Halloween and other holiday decorations..
  • Imported from USA.
balloons column stand kit, balloon holders, balloon stand kit, balloon stand kit for floor, balloon centerpiece stand, balloon columns/stands for centerpieces, balloons stick, stand kit, table balloons,balloons with sticks, balloon column Packing: Number of balloon supports: 6 sets * Material: Plastics * Color: Transparent * Size: Up to 30 inches, each balloon bracket has three different heights Details: 6 sets of transparent balloon support suits, each with 11 suits, 7 cups and 1 base, easy to set, whether it is birthday party, wedding, Thanksgiving Christmas family party or other holiday decorations, this booth really makes your party popular. It's really beautiful. It's a perfect choice for many occasions. Features: 1. Our balloon racks are made of highly durable materials and can withstand many uses. 2. The balloon rack is easy to assemble and disassemble in a few minutes. 3. You can DIY! You can create your own unique balloon watch centerpiece by using balloons of different colors or patterns. 4.It is easy to establish the position of balloon column and balloon arch. 5.Reduce the time of setting up balloon decoration activities 6.Save money on balloon decoration. Reminder: 1. Balloons is not included. 2. According to manual measurement, the difference is 0.5-1 cm. 3. Please note that slight chromatic aberration may occur due to differences in lighting and computer/telephone screens used to view images. Instructions: As shown in the main map of the page, the balloon table after successful installation has three heights, one at the top, three at the second and bottom. The total number of pipes you receive is 11. The top layer is composed of two longest and thickest pipes through small sleeves.The second layer is composed of the shortest + medium-sized pipes through small sleeves. The bottom layer is formed by medium-sized pipes inserted directly into the base.

6 Sets 30" Height Table Balloon Stand Kit for Birthday Decorations, Wedding Decorations, party Decorations ,Clear Table Desktop Balloon Holder with 11 Balloon Sticks, 7 Balloon Cups and 1 Balloon Base

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