• Better Home Safety and Adult-Friendly Accessibility – Safety latches for cabinet doors are a vital part of protecting children from accessing off-limit areas that contains cleaning chemicals, medicines, sharp knives and utensils, and other things that could harm them. While our baby proof cabinet latches are great at keeping children out they still allow parents and adults to access contents quickly with a simple push of a “switch” on the inside. No magnetics or keys needed..
  • Quick Cabinet and Drawer Latch Kit – Designed to install in kitchens, bathrooms, RVs and other common areas these safety latches solving the problem with a drawer popping open and help keep kids and pets out of drawers or cabinets while also keeping them from sliding on their own..
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  • Imported from USA.
Sturdy And Durable - 10 LB Pull Force – all weather high impact ABS material, strong latches to easily keep doors closed with 10 lbs of pull force. No Cabinet Opening Automatically While On The Way, drawer latch is pretty tight, you have to pull the latch open with some strength. Tested On Most RV, Office, Home Drawer Of Cabinet Thousand Times.

4 Grabber Catches 10 LB Cabinet Push to Close Latch RV Boat Hardware …