• Includes Strike Laser Tag Scurrying Nano Bug & Flying UFO Drone in one great box set..
  • Shoot the UFO drone on the floor to start; keep shooting to keep it in the air, the more you shoot it, the higher it will go! It knows when it has been hit and flies higher by approx 1 metre and hovers. It will then start to fall, shoot it again to keep it in the sky!.
  • Switch on the Nano Bug and it will immediately start to scurry along the floor, shoot it and it will flip onto it's back and play dead for a few seconds before scrambling of again. Can you shoot the bug and keep the UFO in the air at the same time?.
  • Use any Strike Laser Tag gun to shoot the UFO Drone or Nano Bug..
  • Easy & Fast Charging - Includes USB charging cable for the UFO Drone and Nano Bug. Both the UFO Drone and Nano Bug charges fully in approx 15 mins which gives approx 5-10 mins of play..
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  • Imported from UK.
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Strike Laser Tag Nano Bug Spider & Flying UFO Drone Deluxe Box Set - For Use With All Strike Lazer Guns