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  • 💎 EPOXY GLITTER TUMBLERS KIT - Everything you need to get started creating amazing epoxy glitter tumblers and cups. Includes 2 stainless steel 20oz tumblers with lids..
  • 💎 ALUMILITE AMAZING CLEAR CAST (8OZ): Easy to use and long lasting epoxy resin for tumblers. Includes 8oz Amazing Clear Cast (4oz part A and 4oz part B). 4oz Mod Podge to apply your glitter to the tumber before sealing it with Amazing Clear Cast..
  • 💎 12 EPOXY TUMBLER GLITTERS - Decorate your tumbler with 12 different high quality sparkling glitters. Each shaker bottle is 0.25oz (3oz total). Use a glitter gun or apply the glitter by hand. Also included are 20 10oz graduated epoxy resin mixing cups..
  • 💎 EPOXY TUMBLER SUPPLIES - 3 silicone epoxy brushes. Super flexible and bendable for applying epoxy to your tumblers evenly and smoothly - The soft head makes the silicone epoxy brush easy to mix and apply resin and epoxy to tumbler cups. Perfect glitter tumbler crafter tool kit for applying layers of epoxy or resin across the cup, evenly and smoothly..
  • 💎 ADDITIONAL GLITTER TUMBLER MAKING SUPPLIES- You may also want a heat gun tool and cup turner kit or way to hold your tumbler while applying glitter and epoxy. A motorized cup turner for tumbler crafts is recommended (sold separately). A cup or tumbler spinner helps keep your epoxy even..
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Epoxy Tumblers Kit with Glitter for Tumblers, Includes Amazing Clear Cast Epoxy for Tumblers, Silicone Epoxy Resin Brushes, Glitter for Tumblers, Mod Podge, Epoxy Tumbler Supplies