• Removes Rust with no Harm to Blue, De-Leads Bores Fast. This special alloy is "Harder than Rust but Softer than Bluing.".
  • Imported from USA.
A MUST FOR EVERY GUN DEALER, GUNSMITH, SHOOTER & COLLECTOR This special alloy is "Harder than Rust but Softer than Bluing." It will clean down to the original surface on blued guns, and other arms & armor. FRONTIER METAL CLEANER is used the same as you would use ordinary steel wool. After cleaning, apply a light coat of oil. If rust has completely penetrated and pitted the original surface, nothing short of buffing and reblueing can remove it. (Caution - Reblueing will reduce the value of antique and collector items). This Metal Cleaner is NOT recommended for cleaning cold blued surfaces, anodized aluminum or brass. It does an excellent job cleaning bullet moulds, loading dies, etc. For best results, replace periodically, as the ribbons of metal (like razor blades!) will dull through use. Try Frontier Metal Cleaner on dirty bores. DE-LEAD BORES FASTER THAN YOU CAN LEAD THEM UP. To add to Frontier Metal Cleaner’s versatility, it is extremely effective at removing lead deposits from the bore, it goes a long way toward cleaning copper buildup as well. You will be amazed with the results. Takes care of your largest and smallest cleaning problems. Handguns, Rifles and Shotguns, any size, any gauge! THOUSANDS OF SATISFIED CUSTOMERS. Dealers and individuals have made hundreds of dollars on just one package from adding value by cleaning. SINCE 1967

Big 45 Frontier Metal Cleaner