• Exclusive accessories to fit the MTP-6 tactical pen by The Atomic Bear and the 2CL Direct Tac Pen..
  • Augment your multi-tool pen to be even more robust. This kit includes an emergency whistle, ferrocerium rod to generate strong sparks and start an impromptu fire, multi-function striker to use with your ferro rod and mini-knife with strong blade for tough jobs..
  • These accessories simply screw on to the multi-tool head on the end of the MTP-6 tactical pen. Quick and easy installation and removal of tools for any function you need..
  • LIFETIME GUARANTEE - Get to know our small team and let us support you with product use, application, and education. We offer a LIFETIME WARRANTY and are proud to provide you with superior tactical gear and survival tools..
  • Imported from USA.
Find multiple accessories that fit on the Atomic Bear MTP-6 pen. Simply unscrew the existing multi-tool and screw one of these accessories to enhance your EDC experience. You can use one at the time. You can conceal the tool in the pen and open it when you need it.

Tactical Pen Accessories for MTP-6 by Atomic Bear