• CUT DRYING TIME IN HALF! The soft, super water absorbent microfiber hair towel wrap dries hair quickly and easily, drastically reducing your blow dry time! You’ll never go back to a regular towel again!.
  • PERFECT SIZE FOR ALL HAIR TYPES. We’ve created the perfect size microfiber hair wrap that’s also lightweight so it’s ideal for all hair types- long, thick, curly or shoulder length hair!.
  • LESS FRZZ. SMOOTH HAIR GOALS. The Coco & Eve hair wrap helps to combat frizz and fly-aways. Our innovative microfiber is designed to dry your hair more quickly and more gently than a conventional towel so there’s no need to rub your hair dry. Our towel wrap has you covered so say goodbye to frizz, damage and less styling products- WIN!.
  • TRANSFORM YOUR HAIR. Maximise the use of your Coco & Eve hair wrap and apply our Coco & Eve hair mask for several hours (or overnight) for an intense boost of hydration. Allow the mask to soak deep into your locks and keep your bed sheets and pillowcase dry!.
  • IT’S PINK…HELLO?! Super cute with our signature Coco & Eve Bali tropical leaf print and totally instrgammable- what’s not to love?.
  • Imported from UK.
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Coco & Eve Hair Towel Wrap. Microfibre Hair Turban for All Hair Types

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